I was half-watching Sex and the City last night when I had an epiphany: this programme is the female equivalent of WWE wrestling. I know few people who are ardent fans, but it fulfils some primitive urge deep within the female psyche that aligns us with our gender. In the same way that some men watch wrestling because it appeals to their inner caveman, some women watch Sex and the City because it appeals to their inner giggling fashionista. There's also an occasional tit on view in both, too. Anyway, back to the point: just because the cameras have stopped rolling on the forthcoming SatC movie, doesn't mean that the deep hatred between its co-stars has been in any way blunted. What are the four sniping about now? Well, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are reportedly more than a tad miffed that Sarah-Jessica Parker (aka The Chin (c)) is being courted by top designers who are eager for her to wear their creations at the movie's premiere next month. Parker is said to have been 'inundated' with offers, with one fashion house offering to dress her son for life in exchange for her services as a human clothes hanger. Another is said to have offered her $2 million of designer gear. In a further fit of pique, the other three have demanded to arrive in their own limos to the premiere, scuppering organisers' plans for the foursome to arrive together. Ah, jealousy - it really is such a cliche, and proof that some little girls really do never grow up.