The world is full of some pretty amazing things, and if you can capture them in the infinite looping image format that is a GIF, then that makes them all the better. 

Thanks to the internet, we have discovered many great things that have changed our lives forever. Social media, video calls, all the futuristic stuff that we had been promised back in the sci-fi movies of the mid-20th century. One thing we've also discovered is that if you make a GIF just right, then you will be hypnotised by it for hours on end. Here are just a few of those that may captivate you for the next while, or send you down a Google black hole from which there is no escape. Enjoy!

This is a mapping out of every flight that takes off in the world every day. Yes, we know it's probably not entirely accurate, but still...


The night sky looks pretty cool.


Popcorn really does pop. At least when you slow it all the way down to super slow-mo

Dogs are better at using their tongues to drink than you're giving them credit for.


Bread dough rising is way more interesting than you thought.

How does this take so long?

A tornado that never ends.

This frog can walk on water.

Ice cream sandwiches can be hypnotic too.


Why you should never mess with cats.


And of course, bonus Homer jogging GIF. His jiggling is almost hypnotic.