By now you might have noticed that it simply hasn't been as cold as you might have expected it to be by this time of year, but the forecasters are here with some reassuring news that will have you reaching for the scarf and gloves.

While October has been unseasonably warm (great drying weather out there, in all fairness) it looks like things are about to change on that front, the cold front, that is.

Forecasters are warning that we could be facing some record-breaking cold, with temperatures set to drop well below zero, meaning that another 'big freeze' could be on the cards.

James Madden, a forecaster with Exacta Weather, told The Irish Examiner that this December could be "the coldest in over 100 years in Ireland, while January could turn out to out to be one of the worst winter months on record". 

There are a number of factors coming together to make them think that this will be the case, including a higher than normal snowfall in Siberia, the recent surge in solar activity, and the volcanic emission patterns in Iceland. 

While the weather is definitely set to get colder anyway, the worst-case scenario would see the north and east of the country hit badly with plenty of snow, in particular in January which looks set to be the worst month. Madden also warned that even February and the early spring might see some of the colder weather lingering around, so it might be time to dig out those ice grip things that you bought for the bottom of your shoes back in 2010 that are floating around somewhere under the stairs. 

Via The Irish Examiner. Main pic via Daniel Hall/Flickr