We all remember our Debs, or as they're called overseas, Prom Night.

But could you imagine spending a huge sum of money on a dress and then being told you can't go?

That's what happened to Rhianna (seriously?) Richards, who was told by school authorities that she wasn't allowed to attend her prom night at Dylan Thomas Community School in Swansea, Wales.

It's understood that Rhianna (Jesus, seriously?) had spent over £500 on a leopard-skin dress before she was told she couldn't go. Why, you might ask?

Low attendance at school, apparently. Her teachers had repeatedly sent letters to her mother, Suzanne Courtney, that the situation was critical and of its policy regarding attendance.

"We continued to listen to her and her family about the issues she faced, worked hard with them to improve the situation and relaxed our rules about the prom to help encourage her. An extra chance was provided for her to improve her attendance over a shorter period of time. Unfortunately her attendance record became worse," explained headmaster Rob Phillips.

As for Rhianna's mother, Suzanne, she wasn't best pleased.

"I want it to be known that they should not be allowed to do this to a pupil when they have exams to sit - it is demoralising, soul destroying and a confidence blow. How can they do this to a teenager just stepping out into the world? She will not go anywhere now and stays in her room."

As for Rhianna herself, she spent the night with her friends at home, watching television and taking selfies. Not all bad, we guess.

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Via South Wales Evening Post