Every now and then we like to take our heads out of the online rumour mill and suss out what's emerging in our ever changing technological landscape and how it might be of use to us. When you think of apps, you're likely to think of something music, travel or communication related (among others). It's not often though that fashion will be the first thing to spring to mind, right? But how many times do you find yourself asking a friend where she got that top, or those shoes? 'Your dress is so pretty!', she said. 'Penneys!' said her friend with an air of smugness. And no, despite what visitors to Ireland might suspect, 'Penneys' is not the Irish for 'thank you'.

Well at long last, we find ourselves once more saying 'hey, there's an app for that now'.

It's called The Style-Eyes app and apparently it's already been turning the heads of fashionistas and technology lovers alike. Bringing a functional outlook to our insatiable desire for style, this new app will launch next week.

What they're saying: Style-Eyes utilises cutting edge technology in image recognition for all your fashion needs. Simple snap a picture of a piece of clothing, search through our database and find the exact match of what you are looking for! Be the first to see and experience Style-Eyes first hand and join us for the launch of this exciting new venture.

What we're saying: Sounds good to us. Should it prove useful, we'll be able to pilfer our pals' style ideas without having to ask them where they picked it up. All we'll have to do is snap it on camera. Think stealthy!