A teacher who wanted to reward her students by taking them on a snack run has found herself in hot water as a result of her actions.

The teacher, who worked in Catoosa school in Texas, was fired after she got 11 students in to her car to go and get snacks to reward them for having worked so hard on the yearbook. 

While the idea was nice, the execution didn't quite work out too well as she packed the group in to her car, including two in the boot, and headed to the shop to pick up the grub. When she appeared before the school board, she said "This was a terrible mistake, I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to do something nice."

They didn't quite see the nice side of it however, claiming that she was in serious violation of a number of rules, having taken the children off the school premises without permission, and endangering their safety while doing so. 

She did have over 50 supporters with her on the night at the hearing, but the board voted 4-1 to fire her.

Via Independent.ie. Main pic via TexasDarkHorse/Flickr