In some ground-breaking news this afternoon, it has been announced that Tayto Park will be re-named as of next year as the legendary crisp company will end its title sponsorship on December 31.

That means that from January 2023, the park will be under a new identity. The new name will be one that park founder Raymond Coyle says "reflects the exciting rides, attractions and zoo that are coming over the next few years".

"Our partnership with Tayto Snacks has helped to create one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions in little over 12 years. We now look forward to a new and exciting chapter for the park, with many new developments planned, including an investment of €30 million over the next 2 years," Mr Coyle said.

"On behalf of myself and my team I would like to thank the management of Tayto Snacks for its belief in our vision.

"It has been a very special partnership and we look forward to the year ahead and indeed continuing our journey and close relationship with Tayto Snacks."

Obviously there has been a big reaction on Twitter about the announcement. It was also met with some understandable confusion, due to people thinking the park was crisp-themed and not just sponsored by crisps.

Tayto Park has welcomed over 5 million visitors since its opening in 2010. However, 2020 saw its profits drop by a whopping 82% due to the pandemic restrictions.

Last year, An Bord Pleanála gave permission to the park to build a new €15.5 million rollercoaster on the site.

We have yet to hear from Mr. Tayto himself but let's hope there's more sponsorship opportunities out there for him, we're sure he'll bounce right back from this. It will always be Tayto Park to us.