Today we have a victory for cats, having the craic, and fan-themed sweaters over cleavage and buttocks - and that's something for the internet. It's something to be celebrated. 

Most people thought Beyonce would be the star to overthrow Kim's reign, but Taylor swiftly (apologies) came up on the outside. Taylor now has 45.6 million followers, while Kardashian holds steady at 45.5 million, and Beyonce has 45 million.

Social media isn't the only place Taylor is wielding her power; according to Us Weekly: "The Shake It Off singer also tops Vanity Fair’s Powers That Be list, beating out power players including Hillary Clinton and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. '[Swift] makes her first appearance on the list after using her platform to make giant companies like Apple conform to her will,' Vanity Fair explains. Coming in behind the cat lover is Disney chief Bob Iger, News Corp’s trio James, Lachlan, and Rupert Murdoch, and Comcast’s Brian Roberts, among others."

One of Taylor's fans appreciated her so much that they knitted this sweater for her of a Polaroid of herself and gave it to her mum at a recent show. "It has very quickly become my everything. Thank you, mysterious knitter."

Swift has yet to acknowledge her new crown, while Kim marked her 45.5million milestone last week with the below shot. 'nuff said. 

If you're a fan of Kim's style, and merely visit her page to keep up to speed re her maternity wear choices; she was pictured yesterday in 100 degree heat in NYC sporting a sheer turtle neck, a velvet jacket, boots and high waisted skirt. How's that for suffering for your art.