Oh TayTay, you sure know how to pick 'em. Continuing on in her epic quest to plunder the world of celebrity bad boys in order to fuel song material for the next decade, Taylor Swift, as you already know, has been making the moves of One Direction's resident potty mouth curly head Harry Styles. Now it seems Swifty will be meeting the Styleseseses at a secret Christmas party the boys are throwing next week after their big Madison Square Garden Gig on December 3rd. Says The Sun, 'He’s been very hush-hush about Taylor but this is the perfect chance to introduce her to them.'. Seems like things are getting serious between the 22-year-old and 18-year-old, something of a change of age gaps from Taylor's previous relationships, what with Jake Gyllenhaal being all of 9 years her senior and John Mayer 12.

Harry has already meet Taylor's folks apparently, after Mario Lopez spilled the beans on Harry popping up at the X Factor USA when Taylor was there earlier this month, and that Styles sat with Mrs. Swift and her entourage while Taylor performed. Am I being harsh in saying this will not end well? All Taylor's going to get out of this is a mass of One Directioners hating her and sending abuse her way on Twitter, and all Harry is going to get is a series of ballads written about him. Is anyone a winner here?