She disappeared from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and even her own website last night.

Her fans were quick to lose their sh*t and start to speculate as to the reason why. These are the most popular theories-

1. She Got Hacked.

It seems unlikely given that the Swift team are notoriously tech savvy and instantly shut down any online copyright infringement of the star. Also, it would be difficult for even the most sophisticated hacker to shut down all her social media accounts and her website at the same time. 

2. It’s An Album Announcement

This is definitely more plausible. She deleted her website in 2012 before releasing Red and again in 2014 before 1989. Lead single ‘Shake It Off’ was also released on this day three years ago. 

This amateur detective even looked into the source code on her website and claims he’s worked out the title of her new single. That’s dedication for you.

3. She’s Collaborating With Nemesis Katy Perry

These two don’t get on and people are speculating they will bury their beef by performing together at the VMA’s tomorrow night. It's not as crazy as it sounds as Swift did something similar with Nicki Minaj two years ago.

Whatever the reason is for the mysterious behaviour, everyone needs to calm down and just-

Via The Verge