Whatever you think about Taylor Swift's music, there's no question that she plays a blinder when it coems

How sincere that is is up for you to decide, but she undoubtedly did a very nice thing for a young Australian fan at the weekend.

Jorja Hope (12) is a huge fan, but suffers from a condition that causes "progressive, inner-ear hearing loss" that will eventually lead to her going deaf - and apparently her initial reaction to the diagnosis was fear that she wouldn't be able to hear Taylor Swift sing.

Her sister Chloe started a Facebook group called 'Help Jorja meet Taylor Swift in Sydney 2015' to try to catch Swift's attention - and with the help of Sydney radio station Nova 96.9, it worked.

The 12-year-old met her idol and deemed her "very, very amazing and very pretty," she said. "I didn't expect her to be as tall as she was."

Awwww. See? There is a heart under that winning smile.