We're not really 100 per cent sure that they were an item in the first place, but it seems Taylor Swift has categorically stated that she and Ed Sheeran are most definitely not an item.

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, Taylor apparently revealed that she and Ed are just really good friends, and do little more than have textual relations of a musical kind.

"We mostly just text: Hey pal! Miss you dude!" she said, "and it somehow ends up turning into a conversations about the meaning of life and music." We're sure all of this occurs while TSwizzle is casually sipping a nice glass of lavendar lemonade.

Anyway, the rumours that the pair were getting it on again started a few weeks back, when they were spotted meeting up in a hotel room before the Brit Awards, but it seems like they were nothing more than rumours after all.

Guess Ed's just not part of Taylor's love story...