It's all kicking off between Tayvin.

We thought yesterday was dramatic, what with Calvin unfollowing Taylor on Instagram but now, it appears there's two sides to every story as Taylor herself has gone on a major rampage, deleting an exhaustive amount of photos of the former couple from her profiles. And in 2016, throwing shade on social media for all the world to see, is one million times more effective than throwing your drink at someone in a crowded bar. Grab the popcorn, folks, we're only getting started.

So for those who need a quick fire recap: they broke up, he said nice things about their split on Twitter, then she paraded her new romance with Tom Hiddleston up and down a beach for the whole world to see, then Calvin got pissed. He unfollowed her on the 'gram, deleted his previous break-up tweet and then tweeted 'Oh boy, it's about to go down' and then he deleted that too. No doubt, his reps gave him a scolding for indulging in the drama of it all. But then, the plot thickened as he deleted every trace of Taylor from his Instagram. It's like their BBQs never happened, people. It's like they never cavorted around the beach on holidays with their hot bods making the rest of us feel inadequate. He even deleted a photo of an innocent snowman which the pair made together.

And then Taylor said hey I know how to delete stuff too and did the very same. So much so, we're all breathing a sigh of relief that we held on to our ex-boyfriend/girlfriend mementos from a hundred years ago. We may have been angry then, but they're fun to look at now that we're no longer bitter.

All of those Tayvin moments that punctuated your life this passed year, well they're all gone. But that's okay because it clears up some memory on Taylor's phone for the next round of Tom Hiddleston pics, meanwhile Calvin can get back to the business of promoting his upcoming release with Rihanna. We wonder whose side Rihanna will take?


Stay tuned, there's bound to be more.