That up top is Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, arriving at the Attitude Magazine Awards in London last night. Yes, that's right, arriving. Considering it's a gay lifestyle magazine awards ceremony, you'd think she'd  get herself primed and ready for the glamour of the occasion, but unfortunately Tara seems to have either indulged a little too much beforehand, or quite possibly not slept for a few days. We can't say for sure what she got up to before arriving at One Mayfair, but it's clearly not doing T.P.T. any favours. Apparently acting confused and at one point throwing a tantrum, Tara's behaviour can only be described as erratic.

The 40 year old socialite hasn't exactly had a great run of it in terms of health, with her 1999 admission to rehab for cocaine addiction, and her nasal septum collapsing in 2006 due to said old habit, so we can't help but feel a bit sorry for Tara. She was doing great last time we saw her at the Royal Wedding, but now that she's on the promotional wagon for her new music career (which is a life choice we're just going to gloss over), you can't help but wonder if she's fallen back on old habits. Here's hoping it was just a once off "allergic reaction" to something.