Tanya Roberts has not died and is still alive, it has emerged. The actress's representative, Mike Pingel, had announced her death.

The actress was said to have died after collapsing at her home on Christmas eve, having just arrived home from walking her two dogs.

Tanya was rushed to hospital and placed on a ventilator.

Her long-time boyfriend Lance O'Brien was told she died Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

O'Brien was then informed that Tanya was actually alive via a phone call during a live interview with Inside Edition.

"The hospital’s telling me that she’s alive and they’re calling me from the ICU," O'Brien said tearfully, following the call.

Tanya is said to not be suffering from COVID-19, but was put on a ventilator as she was struggling to breathe.

She had been experiencing liver problems before being submitted to the ICU.

The actress's rep told TMZ and sent a press release incorrectly stating the actress had passed away, while friends of the family also contacted the publication stating she had died.

Tanya Roberts is best-known for her role in James Bond movie 'A View To A Kill', which she starred in alongside Roger Moore.

She played Donna's glamourous mother Midge Pinciotti in 'That '70s Show', and played Julie Rogers in 'Charlie's Angels'.