If you're a child of the '80s or '90s, you'll remember Sylvanian Families.

Essentially, they were these anthropomorphic dolls with beautifully appointed houses where they lived - all very twee and middle-class, as you'd expect. Anyway, Sylvanian Families have since become hugely popular with collectors and are selling for pretty huge sums on eBay and the rarer they are, the higher the price.

According to a few recent auctions, rare Sylvanian Families dolls are selling for upwards of €500 or more. One doll, seen below, had a starting bid of just £99 before it made its way up to £460, or €531 in our money.

This item, which included three little pigs in scarves, was sold for €400.

As mentioned, the rarer the doll means the price gets higher - and condition plays a role in the pricing as well. This doll sold for close to €600 - €577.97, to be exact - and was kept in a box and preserved since it was first purchased in 2003.

We're off to dig out the attic at home and see if we can get a holiday out of our Transformers collection.


Via eBay