Madonna wasn't the only mad yoke to embarrass herself at Monday night's MET Gala thingy. One attendee said of Keifer Sutherland's behaviour: "He was running around wearing a giant feather boa and acting totally crazy. He was dancing feverishly and twirling people around all over the place. He seemed to be quite intoxicated."  How very Jack Bauer.

The antics didn't stop there. According to various sources, he got involved in an alleged altercation at the after party between Brooke Shields and a designer by the name of Jack McCollough. The details are sketchy (that's a first?!) but the ones we have involve McCollough bumping into Shields and failing to apologise. Jack Bauer then came to her aid by flying over and deploying a headbutt, which left McCollough hospitalised.

He can add this incident to his two counts of DUI (one of which he's still on probation for), and his fine moment in 2007 when "a visibly intoxicated Sutherland took a flying leap and tackled a Christmas tree in the lobby of a hotel."