Susan Sarandon doesn't think she'll ever marry again following her split from Tim Robbins in 2009 after more than 20 years together, even though she has spent the last three years in the company of her 'collaborator' Jonathan Bricklin. And 'collaborator' is her word, not ours, as the pair won't even confirm they're actually dating at all, let alone getting hitched,with Sarandon saying 'I can’t see the circumstances under which I would'.

Sarandon is known for her give-no-shits attitude towards Hollywood and general celebrity (she's actually banned from presenting at the Oscars after making a political statement highlighting the plight of HIV-positive Haitians in 1993) so major props to her resistant and constant privacy wall against the world prying into her affairs. However she's opened up to the Daily Mail about her new boyf, and when asked if she actually does have one she responded ‘I do. But I’m very superstitious about discussing those things.’

Bricklin is 36-years-old to Sarandon's 66, so apart from being great at life in general, she's actually got everything nailed down. We actually can't cope with how deadly Sarandon is.