Apparently, Britain's Got Talent runner up and newest resident to The Priory, Susan Boyle, has been asked to sing for Obama. Her brother Gerry Boyle told an English tabloid that his sister was asked to sing at the White House on July 4th. However, he did not say if his sister would take up the prestigious offer. Susan is still in hospital and is feeling better but only time will tell. After being catapulted into world stardom, it will take Susan a lot longer then a few days in a clinic to get over it me thinks.

Gerry spoke about Susan's current status and said that "She is a wee bit homesick and is missing her cat Pebbles" The family are hoping that she will be let out today or tomorrow and according to sources, Talkback Thames (that's the production company who started all this palava) say that it is far too early to confirm if she will join the BGT tour. Sit easy my little friends, I'm sure she will be all present and correct once the show takes to the roads with Pebbles in toe so we'll all get a taste of the Boyle meister in action.

God help her though, I honestly think she hasn't got a clue what's going on or what will happen in the next few weeks, months or even years. It all started with a simple audition to sing for the Queen, then she appeared on Oprah, got millions of hits on You Tube, and, if you lot are right, she will be very busy doing commercials for hair removal creams, cosmetic surgery and the likes next.

- Alicia Coyle