As we hit the mid-point of Movember, the men of Ireland are growing nicely into their 'tasches.

Across the nation, the moustaches are slowly moving from possible sex offender to full-blown 1980's Tom Selleck. It's a glorious time.

A survey recently conducted by Gillette finds, however, that women just ain't fans of the Ron Burgundy face rug.

A whopping 54% of respondents said that an unkempt moustache is unhygienic and lazy, whilst 6 in 10 said they would prefer the moustache to be gone completely.

Meanwhile, only 1 in 10 said they found moustaches to be bohemian.

When asked whether or not they'd shift a man with an homage to Burt Reynolds on their face, 51% said the moustache wouldn't be an issue as it's more about the man.

So there you have it - come November, that moustache better be gone if you wanna get some action.