During his AMA on reddit, Channing Tatum revealed that he had a name for his private parts, which is Gilbert, of course. 

That got the people at Metro and Lovehoney (NSFW-ish) thinking, so they decided to do a quick poll of their male customers to see if they too had named their member, and what that name was. 

With the proviso that these guys are possibly a bit more forward and risque than your average guy, they got about 200 responses and found that there were some very strange names bestowed upon the private parts of men around the country. 

The results show that 60% of guys have given their manhood a pet name or nickname, which included monikers along the line of Tatum's Gilbert (such as Stanley and Edward), to the rather more elaborate Rear Admiral Sir Donald Gosling. 

The 20 strangest names were: 

Samuel Jackson, because it’s in everything (stay classy, lads)
Troy, Destroyer of Villages
Rear Admiral Sir Donald Gosling
The One-Eyed Python Love
Big Bear
Little Roy
Winky (when flaccid); Krull the Warrior King when erect (in tribute to the film How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days)
The Gobstopper
"My girlfriend calls mine Little Squirt…it’s not okay!"
Bill Ding
The Botherer (testicles nicknamed Lefticle and Righticle)
Love Missile F1-11

Via Metro.co.uk