Generally speaking, if you're a cheese toastie lover, you're an all round catch. You probably knew this already, but now there's statistics to back it up.

To mark 'National Grilled Cheese Day' in the US on Sunday the 12th of April (which we need to have here because toasted cheese sandwiches need to be recognised for how glorious they are), the people behind the 'Skout' app polled their users about their cheese toastie habits as well as everything else they get up to and it turns out that not only do cheese lovers get more in the bedroom, they're also more charitable and more adventurous.

They presented all their findings in this handy infographic, but be warned, if you're in any way hungry this is a difficult read. So. Much. Cheese.

So there you have it. Another reason to visit Grogan's - watch people getting cheese toasties and  hunt down the most eligible bachelor/bachelorette in Dublin.

Via Skout/LA Times