We learned from a recent report that the most used passwords in the world are not very imaginative, and this latest survey, using a huge sample, proves that. 

We use passwords for everything from getting at our emails to unlocking our phone's home screen, and with so many of them needed in our every day lives, it seems that a lot of us are happy to take a shortcut that we think saves us some time. 

It more than likely does save you a few seconds here and there, but it's also making life easier for hackers, as an analysis of 10 million passwords by WPengine.com showed that, once again, we're rubbish at coming up with passwords. 

The most popular passwords on the list were '123456', 'password' and '12345678', while the top 50 common passwords included variations on that as well as names of loved ones and other classy choices like '696969'. As a side note, if your password is f*cky*u (with or without the asterisks) then you're neither funny nor original, and you're probably going to get hacked. 

Pulling the top 20 passwords, they decided to look at how they play out on a keyboard and showed just how easy it is to guess most of them if you know anything about typing and have a general idea of how lazy people really are.

Other entries are thanks to the fact that we now use our smartphones for a lot of our communication and typing, so your clever time saver on that front is not all that smart either.

Console yourself with the fact that the passwords of the rich and powerful are just as stupid as yours are, as revealed by the info that WPengine were able to get their hands on which confirms that even a senior manager a IBM was using '123456'. You are not alone...

Via i100