It’s Monday night. You’ve just arrived home after a long day at work, and there are two options on the menu… frenetic bedroom gymnastics with the other half, or curling up on the couch with a steamy cup of chocolatey Hot Stuff. The choice is obvious - to most Irish women, anyway!

The good people at Cadbury have released their #HotStuff research results - looking at our relationship with hot chocolate - and it seems that 7 out of 10 females would choose hot chocolate over sex of a Monday evening. It also means you can watch the Corrie doubler in peace. That’s not to say sex is off the cards entirely…

If you fancy a birrah of ‘How’syerfather’ to kick off a week, you could always try greeting your loved one with a vat of hot chocolate when they arrive in the door, and here’s why. Cadbury had close to 1,000 Irish natives surveyed, and it seems 1 in 5 of us reckon hot chocolate is a aphrodisiac. That news isn’t as surprising as the following findings: 51% of Irish women reckon men who enjoy hot chocolate are “caring”, while 35% think they’re “sensitive” and 19% believe they are “romantic.” Imagine her joy when you slather yourself in the stuff, wha?!

There is a better option, and that’s suggesting an amorous movie (not that kind). According to the #HotStuff survey, a mutual winner would be Pretty Woman or The Snapper. If Irish women had their choice, however, they’d be making their other halves watch The Notebook or PS I Love You….

If you’re wondering what to top your chocolatey cup of love with, 45% of us would prefer marshmallows over cream, while it would seem if you’d like to invite another couple to the *ahems* party, we’d like to get on down with Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll. They were voted ‘Hottest Irish Couple.’ Maybe next time, Brian and Vogue.

Amy Huberman is a popular all rounder, as it happens. Apparently Irish males free from the shackles of relationships would like to share a cuppa with Hoobs (with Victoria Smurfit and Caroline Morahan coming in second and third place), while all the single ladies would enjoying staring into the eyes of Liam Neeson as they downed a mug in unison. Personally I’d prefer to wrap my mitts around runners up Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate Collection includes Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Cadbury Wispa, Cadbury Bournville Cocoa, and - for those of you watching the waistline - there’s Cadbury Highlights which boasts all the flavour but only 40 cals per serving. Amy Huberman and Liam Neeson not included.