If you happened to be walking down Fade Street or somewhere near the No Name Pub and you thought to yourself, "Hey, that looks like multi-Grammy winning recording artist Christina Aguilera!", then you were completely accurate in your assessment.

Christina Aguilera is, in fact, in Dublin and made this fact known by sharing a tweet some time ago where she declared she was proud of her Irish roots. A cursory glance of Aguilera's Wikipedia page reveals that her mother claims descent from Ireland, Germany, Wales and the Netherlands - which is definitely an interesting mix, to say the least.

Here's said tweet.

Presumably, Aguilera is in town to help promote her latest album, 'Liberation', which was released last month. Considering she's on Fade Street, there's R.A.G.E right around the corner there for vintage gaming stuff and vinyls, there's the GBK and JoBurger further down the way, she's also got Lolly & Cooks for a decent sausage roll and there's the Drury Buildings are right beside her there as well.

Also, the Hairy Lemon is just down the way so she's in a good place, at least for a drink or some food.