We're getting into full Christmas territory now. The Toy Show is approaching, the trees are going up and, for some, there's reindeer appearing in our back garden..

Maybe that last bit about the reindeer was specifically for the family in the new Supervalu ad, but I had to segue into it somehow, OK?

The Irish supermarket has a track record of providing us with some tear-jerking festive ads over the years, especially last year. This year is no exception as they've managed to do it once again.

This year’s advert captures the true belief and magic of Christmas. Deermuid finds himself in unknown territory, hurt and struggling to make his way back to normal life. Little Aoife wakes up early one morning to find the wounded deer in her back garden.

Aoife sees the importance and urgency in getting the deer nursed back to health so that he can resume his duties of helping Santa.

Aoife and Deermuid become real friends as he puts his trust in Aoife to help him. The community of neighbouring children rally around with encouragement and belief in the magic of Christmas and Deermuid is finally able to magically take flight and make his way back to Santa and return to his natural way of life.

Interestingly, the deer that plays a central role is in fact named Deermuid in real life! However, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not he can fly.

Eddie Drew, Deermuid’s handler said, “Deermuid is nine years old and absolutely loves people. He was sadly abandoned by his mother as a fawn. But this meant he was bottle-fed and grew up on a farm, making him extremely sociable and comfortable with humans.”

Deermuid lives with Eddie in Kilmacanogue, Bray, Co. Wicklow and even has his own house on the paddock. Eddie adds, “He’s fed twice a day with water, carrots and Sean’s Brown Bread which is his absolute favourite!”

We're all very happy that Deermuid has made his way into our lives.