Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker behind such films as Super Size Me, Mansome, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? and The Greatest Movie Ever Made, has confessed to having a history of sexual misconduct.

Spurlock spoke about numerous past incidents he has been involved in on Twitlonger in a piece titled ‘I am Part of the Problem.’ He opened the article, writing: “As I sit around watching hero after hero, man after man, fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder “who will be next?” I wonder, “when will they come for me?””

He spoke about an incident when he was accused of rape at college.


He also settled a sexual harassment allegation at his office after calling his female assistant “hot pants” or “sex pants”, yelling to her from the other side of his office. She eventually quit, wanting a settlement, and Spurlock wrote: “Being who I was, it was the last thing I wanted, so of course, I paid. I paid for peace of mind. I paid for her silence and cooperation. Most of all, I paid so I could remain who I was.”

He also wrote about being unfaithful:


He concludes the piece: “I am part of the problem. We all are. But I am also part of the solution. By recognizing and openly admitting what I’ve done to further this terrible situation, I hope to empower the change within myself. We should all find the courage to admit we’re at fault. More than anything, I’m hopeful that I can start to rebuild the trust and the respect of those I love most. I'm not sure I deserve it, but I will work everyday to earn it back.

“The only individual I have control over is me. So starting today, I’m going to be more honest with you and myself. I’m going to lay it all out in the open. Maybe that will be a start. Who knows. But I do know I've talked enough in my life ... I'm finally ready to listen.”

The confession has sparked understandably mixed responses from Tweeters"










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