It may be cloudy here in Dublin, but the West are getting some well deserved sunshine this morning - makes a nice change from the usual haze of drizzle - ENJOY! Even Met Eireann are being optimistic regarding sunshine spreading to the rest of the country this afternoon.

According to reports, Wednesday is set to be blistering (by our standards) with temperatures expected to reach the mid-twenties... get your fill 'cause things are set to get a wee bit cooler from Thursday onwards. Boooo. 

Speaking via, forecaster David Rodgers said: "Later in the week, the temperatures will have peaks by the middle of the week, but will come down then a little bit during Thursday and Friday. They'll still be generally normal or a little above normal, but there will be a northerly breeze coming in to affect northern and north-western areas, and that'll make coastal regions there quite a bit cooler at that stage, and that situation will persist then through the weekend."