We got a bit of a shock this morning having a nose through WENN. It was around 30 degrees in London yesterday, and yet Jessie J chose to encase herself in what appears to be leather dungarees... sorry but we'd have several rivers of sweat running gathering around the baggy knees. Would you ever throw open the curtains, see the sun splitting the stones and think "Today is the day to break out the leather dunks." We're not saying they look bad, they look pretty damn good considering they're making our eyeballs sweat just looking at them. 


Outfit numero 2 that made us feel like having a cold shower, and not in the good way, was Florence Welch's choice of outfit to last year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which was held on July 5th last year. We all remember how hot last year was. Ankle length moss green velvet is more October wear. In July, this makes us want to scratch ourselves. 

Cynthia Rowley wore this to the CFDA Awards last year. I had a top made of this stuff in the 90s and used to wear it clubbing. Only wore it the two times as both nights I went home STAAAANKING on account of the material. The fact that Rowley is a designer herself just somehow makes things a bit worse... On the upside, really love her shoes and the bag is adorable. Almost makes up for the necklace overload. 

It's a total cop out including Lady GaGa here, but it's one of her more sedate outfits (mouse ears aside). Still, the mere thought of sporting it in August, like she did last year, makes me feel a bit on the faint side. The gusset area is not helping. 

Finally, we have Nicola Roberts back in 2011 hauling around a House of Holland number, which appears to have been inspired by Jemaine St Clement's bed blanket. It's cute, and colourful, but perhaps more at home in December than June.