Sadly I'm too busy flinging copies of Heat into the air, tearing through The Sun and growling quietly at TMZ to attend such displays of female frivolity. Thankfully Alicia Coyle was more than willing to stare at Trinny's hoop for an afternoon. If you're heading a long to the event, here's a taster of what you can expect...

After all the hupla with Sex and the City we thought the hype was all dying down. Well it aint! 'Style in the City', Dublin's answer to all your fashion questions and predicaments is taking place on Merrion Square until 14th September. With 16 shows, you most definitely won't miss a thing. Your session in the square kicks off with a fantastic fashion show and free champagne. And, it has to be said, the hour-and-a-half show is the highlight of the entire event. The clothes are amazing, the music is pumping and the lights are flashing, I thought I was in Paris at one stage... but then I realised  I wasn't. Posh was nowhere to be seen, but good ole Glenda was there front row, looking like she just came back from San Tropez.

Now on to the main event. Trinny and Susannah. I really, and I stress REALLY don't know how these girls have made such a stir around the place. They come across as lovely ladies and I admire their honesty and want for women to wear the correct bra size - but is there a need to embarrass them at the same time? They opened the show with a general thanks to the audience, saying "Irish women are the best dressed in the UK..." Thankfully a member of the audience was quick to point out the indescretion... Way to break the crowd in! So, then the picking out of random women began. Those with big boobs or big bums were made stand up, for what reason I still don't know! I did feel the urge to stand up but I had no back up with me so though I'd best stay put. Two makeovers were given, which were very good - due to the team backstage, not the two ladies. Some woman were then made to undress on stage behind a cloth and introduced to a new bra that fit. Throughout, the two girls shared various stories which I can't remember as they were so interesting... NOT! I was very disappointed with the whole thing, I thought it would go on for longer, maybe show us some funky trends and give good advice. But it was all about bums, tums and boobs!

After the show, you were able to browse around the small shopping area next door which was well laid out, great little boutiques that some have never heard of, free jewellery cleaning, and the glitzy cocktail bars were more then tempting. The atmosphere around the place was great, relaxing and everyone wanting a bit of everything, I even found myself strutting around with a pout on me thinking I could so be on the catwalk next year! It'll do that too you. Overall, it's a great idea but maybe get Simon Cowell or Gordan Ramsey next year, now THAT would be entertainment.

Thanks Alicia. Unfortunately I can't see a hip gay man stealing Simon or Gordon's TV presenting crowns, resulting in the cancellation of their series and thus rendering them onstage, rammed into Spanks and talking about each other's fannies. Style In The City ends September 14th.