Every year in Spain, the running of the bulls festival takes place in Pamplona, but in other parts of the country, similar events are held that aren't as well known.

The Navarrese town of Pamplona is host to one of the strangest and most compelling festivals that attracts thousands of visitors every year in the running of the bulls. Despite obvious safety issues as well as concerns over animal welfare, for some reason people seem unable to stop themselves from wanting to know about the spectacle, but it is not the only festival that focuses on bulls in the country.

In Alicante, the Bous a la Mar festival is hugely popular with the locals in the city of Denia, where they similarly release bulls in to the town and attempt to get the creature to fall into the sea along the coastline where the city meets the water. This makes for a very strange event, but creates some fantastic pictures, like this one that was captured this week when the celebrations took place.


Before you ask, apparently yes, bulls can swim and a boat is sent out to help bring it back in to shore after they go in the water.