Typhoon Neoguri, the storm battering Japan at the moment, has been described as the type of storm that occurs once every few decades, and its sheer scale is breathtaking.

With winds of up to 155mph and nearly 50,000 people evacuated as a result of the storm, Japan is bracing itself for one of the worst storms it has ever faced.

The sheer scale of the storm is evident in these images captured by satellites, and tragically, there has already been one death as a result of the conditions.



The government has issued the highest warning possible, as well as shutting down various nuclear power plants as the storm develops. While Okinawa has already been hit, the forecast is for strong winds and rain to head to Tokyo as the storm continues to move across the country.



The danger is not only from the storm on land however, as waves of up to 46 feet high are also expected to batter the coastline, which could cause further damage and destruction.

Main pic via NOAA