It's that time of year again when students across the country face the dreaded Leaving Cert exams, we still have nightmares about our own. However, one poor unlucky chap faced a very real nightmare yesterday morning when he realised that he mightn't get to his first exam on time after he missed the bus.

Ian Fitzhenry told his tale on The John Murray show this morning, which is one which involves many the hero. Ian insists that he "left the house extra early because I knew that the bus was early the morning before." (Sure you did, Ian. We'd say that on national radio too.)

However, when he arrived at the bus stop, lo and behold, no bus! Ian informed John how he then text his sister to see if the bus was still running, but no reply. This was when he 'started to panic', he told John.

He then tried to contact his mother and brothers but they were all in bed or in work - ehhhh, Ian's doing his Leavin', guys... we expected more.

Luckily though, his bro Gary came through and offered to pay for a taxi for him. "Phew!" Says you. But no, this Leaving Cert adventure does not end there.

The taxi arrived at 9.10am, leaving young Ian a mere twenty minutes to get to his exam hall in CBS Sexton Street in Limerick.

Can our hero prevail??

Thankfully, he had a sound taxi driver who promised Ian he'd 'do his best for him', but what's that coming over the hill? Traffic?!!

This is like the final moments of 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 days' ALL OVER AGAIN.

Just when it was all looking hopeless, Mr Sound Taxi Man spotted a Garda car in the road behind them.

Surely... no, he couldn't possibly.... could he?

Well he did! He flagged down the clearly equally sound Gard who agreed to give them an escort. Ian said; "Once we just got to the start of Raheen the guard turned on the lights and took us the whole way through Raheen. I was looking at the clock on my phone and I was like ‘I hope I make it on time’.

He HOPED he would make it on time. "But did he?!", you cry out to know.

Yes. Yes he did. With four minutes to spare.

No word on who's getting the movie rights to this tale quite yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Oh and in case you're wondering, Ian said the exam 'went grand'.