Severe storms over the last two winters are believed to be responsible for turning up wreckage from the Spanish Armada off the coast of Sligo, dating back hundreds of years. 

The biggest finds have been two guns, dating back to 1588 and appearing to be in excellent condition despite all their years underwater. They were removed from the sea bed and have been identified as coming from the merchant ship La Juliana, as one of them bears a dedication to St. Matrona and the date 1570, a saint who was particularly revered in the region of Catalonia at that time. 

It is believed that two other vessels also sank in the area in 1588 during violent storms, the La Lavia and Santa Maria de Vision, claiming nearly 1,000 lives in the process.

The site where the artifacts were found has since seen a security operation  put in place in order to protect it from those out there who might be looking to get involved and claim some treasure for themselves. 

Via BBC. Pics via National Monuments Service/Facebook