Yep, that's a "hurricane status" wind you can hear outside your window there. And would you believe that we've "only experienced the tail end" of Storm Gertrude. Met Eireann's Siobhan Ryan said via Ireland AM this morning that "the worst of the weather is going to hit Norway, with red status weather warnings."

While Met Eireann's Status Orange weather warning technically lapses at 9am today, Ryan added that "the north and north west" will still experience very "windy episodes." As for the hurricane level winds experienced; Gertrude's "gusts readily reached 69 - 70 knots and that's hurricane status", with gusts generally "around 50 or 60 knots." 

There are currently approximately 5,000 people across the country without electricity reportedly in Donegal, Achill, and parts of Wicklow, but no extreme damage has been reported. 

In some good news, it's set to become much sunnier as the day progresses. And then Storm Henry will hit.