And just like that, *snaps fingers*, we're in autumn. Legend has it that as the clock struck midnight last night, September 1 brought with it a cooler climate and the need to drag out those wintery-looking coats once again.

As well as this being the first day of September - and all of the children heading back to school - the new list of storm names for the next year have been revealed.

All 21 storm names for the coming year have been unveiled, and you might find that there's been a blustery front hiding in your house all this time. A number of very Irish names have made the list, as well as some more unique names as usual.

We've got the arrival of Méabh, Seán and Pól to look forward to in the year ahead, as well as Arwen, Tineke, Dudley, Vergil, Herman and of course we couldn't forget Gladys. We're getting serious gale-force wind vibes from Gladys, so you better start stocking up on the toilet rolls now.

Here's the full rundown of all 21 storm names that Met Éireann has unveiled today; let's all hope we won't make it too far down the list this year.

Evelyn Cusack, Met Éireann’s Head of Forecasting, said of the new names for this year: "Last winter was relatively quiet with only one storm named by Met Éireann, Storm Aiden at Halloween. We are now preparing for the autumn and winter months ahead with a new list of storm names for 2021-22 and for whatever weather may come to our shores."

And now we wait for the arrival of the first storm of the season, Storm Arwen, at some point in the near future.