The names for the upcoming storm season have been announced by Met Eireann in conjunction with the UK Met Office and the Dutch National Weather Service for the upcoming storm season of 2020 and 2021.

The names are, as always, picked from public suggestions and - per the official press release - "includes some names that reflect the three nations’ diversity." Yes, that may be true, but reading through some of these names, it reads like the roll call for a private school in South Dublin.

Take a look.

Names like Christoph, darcy, Evert, Fleur, Iain (with an I), Lilah, Oscar, and Tobias all have very, very private school / preppy vibes off them. Maybe it's some kind of commentary on how the wealth divide is eroding the social contract? Who knows.

Also, have to draw attention to the fact that throwing a deep Gaeltacht name in there like Saidhbhín is particularly troublesome to our neighbours across the Irish Sea. Well done to Met Eireann for that bit of comedy in trying to get them to pronounce that.