Kickstarter has some incredibly useful products on it and allows inventors to share their ideas with the world. While we haven't looked through them all, we're confident this is the best one ever. 

We've had some good weather in the last few weeks, and as the temperatures get warmer, the temptation to start a water fight continues to increase along with it. Of course, all the work that goes in to planning and preparation is the thing putting us off that, so when we read about the Bunch O Balloons Kickstarter, we realised that all our water balloon-related problems had been solved. 

Josh Malone, an incredible genius of a father in Texas, was trying to find a way for his kids to be able to fill up more balloons more carefully and much quicker, and his invention will surely revolutionise water warfare. Using a hose and an O-ring, he has come up with this device which takes most of the work out of getting a water fight going.

That's right, no more tying, no more filling them up one at a time, within a minute you can now have over a hundred water balloons, leaving you with an impressive arsenal that will send your enemies running for cover, crying for help, and wishing that they had never agreed to partake in the first place as they walk home, soaked through to the skin, and thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

The goal of the project was to raise $10,000 to get the project made, but having already made nearly $70,000, there was obviously a huge gap in the market for self-tying water balloons that we just never noticed. 

Of course, now that this has come in to existence, we only have one thing to say: 

Via BuzzFeed