After Courtney Love undertook a personal mission to drag his name through the celebrity slurry (with stories like how he may (or may not) have impregnated her, that he's a complete drug fiend, and let's not forget "I told Owen Wilson to Stay away from him"), it's nice to see Steve Coogan is still getting kudos from Hollywood big wigs - even if it's from an unlikely source. That being the notoriously anti-drug Tom Cruise.

The pair met at the Tropic Thunder premiere and Tom immediately started into a tirade of Alan Partridge catchphrases. A source told the Daily Star: "Steve was actually really taken aback by it all because Tom was tickled by the idea of Partridge's sports casual clothing. He kept coming up to Steve and declaring: 'I'm sports casual.' How surreal must that be to have Tom Cruise announcing that to you in Hollywood? To be fair, Tom did look a bit Partridge in his jeans and blazer, and seemed to be really happy to take the p*** out of himself." We'll, why wait for the inevitable onslaught?