Considering how difficult a time Donald Trump had trying to book people for his Inauguration, it's safe to say that the White House Correspondents Dinner is going to be even more difficult.

The event is usually hosted by a comedian of some repute - previous hosts have included Seth Meyers, Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien, Wanda Sykes and Joel McHale - and essentially is a comedy roast of the US President's policies and recent events in their career so far.

Given how Donald Trump has been having a running battle with Saturday Night Live and pretty much everyone in the media - except the nutjobs at Fox News, LifeZette and - the prospect of a White House Correspondents Dinner turning into a complete shitshow isn't surprising in the slightest.

However, one comedian has offered to lend a hand to poor old Donald Trump - Stephen Colbert. Yes, really.

At a recent fundraising event for the Montclair Film Festival over the weekend, Colbert remarked on stage that he'd love to do it again. "I mean, when else are you going to stand next to the President and make jokes? But no one will ever ask again."

Colbert famously hosted the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner in character, with many White House officials walking out as Colbert repeatedly makes jokes about then-President George H.W. Bush's invasion of Iraq.

Trump was the subject of a few jokes from the pulpit at previous White House Correspondents Dinners, and anecdotes from SNL writers who worked with him when hosted have said Trump really can't take any joke that makes him look bad. In other words, a regular White House Correspondents Dinner just isn't going to work for 'ol Donald.

Then again, what is normal about Donald Trump being President?


Via Variety