Steve Carell took part in Colbert's 'Personal Space' part of the show.

Our love for Steve Carell has no limits. Starring as our favourite boss that we love to hate in 'The US Office', Carell can do no wrong in our eyes (except maybe 'Evan Almighty' - but we'll let him off for that one).

The last few years have seen Carell deviate slightly from his comedic roots, and take on more serious roles in his most recent releases. As well as starring in 'Foxcatcher' and 'Welcome To Marwen,' the actor stars opposite Timothee Chalamet in the new drama 'Beautiful Boy.'

Taking to 'The Late Night with Stephen Colbert,' the pair decide to conduct the rest of the interview inside a box, which might be more comfortable with Carell, who mostly keeps out of The Hollywood limelight.

Here's the full interview-in-a-box with Steve Carell below, which features a meme-able mint moment between the two friends.

Steve Carell has announced that he will be creating a new comedy series for Netflix, and it's going to be set in space. The show will see Carell team up with his 'US Office' show runner Greg Daniels to bring Donald Trump's 'Space Force' idea to life.

We recently caught up with Carell, where he talked about his mum's work as a psychiatric nurse. You can watch that interview here.