"Hi, yes, I just LOOOOVE attending anything involving Stella launching anything. And look, I wore flatter shoes this time around! And whaddaya know, Stella wore some ankle breakers!" These words and more weren't uttered by Liv Tyler's at last night's "Stella's Got a New Thing to Launch" event.

Naomi Watts, The Wintour, Jason Sudeikis, Elettra Wiedemann, and a load of Lauren's also attended the celebrations. We have David Lauren and Lauren Bush - who WENN are insisting on calling Lauren Bush-Lauren, which isn't as perplexing as the latter wanting to feed NYC; one Dylan Lauren; L.A. Reid (I'm assuming the L stands for Lauren) and someone who has a name suspiciously like Lauren, that being Lorne Michaels - who's thumbnail I initially mistook for Dominic Strauss Khan.

How's that for bringing a story down. Bring yourselves back up again with this here superficial gallery.