Borrowing money, be it for a house or a holiday, is a part of life for many people, but where does all the money come from?

Using data from the 2014 Global Findex database, The Guardian have looked at stats from all over the world on whether people borrow from the bank, from family, or even sometimes from their work, and just how many people have had to go looking for a loan in the last year.

The data shows that we are indeed a world of borrowers, and also breaks down what the money is being spent on, be it healthcare, mortgages or something different altogether. The interactive map below shows the percentage of adults who took out loans around the world, and which countries have the highest number of adults who are borrowing money. On average, two out of every five adults in the world took a loan out in 2013-14. 

The survey also asked people where they would turn if they needed to raise money in a hurry for an emergency, and the responses seemed to show that many around the globe would either turn to our savings or to our family before going to the bank.

Finally, they also asked where the money was going and what it was being spent on, and it seems that while the northern hemisphere is focused on getting a mortgage and buying property, the southern hemisphere is spending money on more basic needs, like healthcare and education.