A recent poll has shown that over half of adults believe in aliens, while a significantly lower number believe in God. 

Look around you, and find the person who is seated nearest to you. According to the latest poll, one of you two probably believes in aliens and/or ghosts, and if it's not you, then it's them. 

OnePoll, on behalf of Ripley's Believe It or Not, are the source of these new statistics, where they polled 1,500 adults and 500 children in Britain, and found that despite census statistics that show that nearly 60% of people claimed to be Christian, more of them believe in aliens than they do God. 

Of the adults surveyed, 55% of them believed in ghosts, while 51% believe in Aliens, with belief in God sitting a good way down the list of options in fifth with just 25% of the vote. If this were X Factor, the big man would be in the sing off.

There was a strange discrepancy in the stats however, that showed that a higher percentage of people believe in angels (27%) than believe in God, which we would have thought go hand in hand, while 42% of people believe in UFOs. 

When it comes to the kids surveyed, they were a bit more willing to believe, but still had God second bottom of the list with just 33% of them claiming that they believe in the divine power's existence, while aliens and ghosts tied for the top spot with 64% each.

Via The Independent