It's all over. Tulisa's ex boyfriend Justin Edwards admitted to leaking intimate footage of the couple onto the internet last March and Tulisa confirmed she is "disgusted" by his actions.

In a statement, which was read outside of a London court room a matter of hours ago, the X Factor judge said: "I am relieved that this is finally over. It has been a very testing few months, and this was not a case I ever wanted to go through. Justin Edwards' actions were to spite me, make money and ruin my career. He has succeeded in none of these things. I stand here today a stronger, wiser young woman who has taken this experience and learnt from it. I am disgusted by Justin and saddened by the people that believed I released the footage myself. Today the truth has prevailed. After months of lying to the public and lying in court, Justin has finally admitted to being guilty and I hope justice is served."

Tulisa - who had been in a relationship with the rapper during her teenage years before they split in 2009 - thanked everyone for the support she had received but says she now wants to move on with her life, adding: "I would now like to draw a line under this and put it in the past. I also would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, the fans that stood by me. I'm especially grateful for all the support I have received from the public, my friends, family and team. With that support and my determination I have won this battle. Justin messed with the wrong woman."

Justin - also known as MC Ultra - had previously denied being responsible for leaking the X-rated tape. Basically, he lied to make a name for himself.

Tulisa closed her statement with: "I'm just really happy that the truth is out. It's a fresh start for me today after this, and it's my birthday, and now, of course, I'm off to Ibiza." For the second time this month. How nice for you.

In other news, Tulisa, what is up with the hair? All a bit New Jersey circa 1988, innit?

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