Looking for some cocktail inspiration during these weird days in between Christmas and New Year's?

Then please allow Stanley Tucci to teach you a lesson or two. Making some "Christmas Cosmos" for a surprising pair of guests, the 'Easy A' and 'Spotlight' actor ended up making a rather hilarious video demonstration while his wife Felicity records proceedings.

Tucci has become quite the mixologist over on his Instagram account of late, and has even dished up a tasty meal or two as well. But it's the ill-prepared Tucci commentary here that makes it all just so funny to watch ("plop", "rim it", "f*ck me!").

While in lockdown over in the UK, the actor's most recent video also has a couple of surprise appearances from two other well-known actors in the kitchen.

Managing to remain very quiet throughout the cocktail tutorial, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski pop up towards the end of the video to complain about Tucci's lack of communication about "dressing up" for the occasion. Apparently, they didn't get the memo and turned up wearing Santa hats, while the bartender for the night is dressed in a suit.

Interestingly, Stanley Tucci's wife Felicity is actually Emily Blunt's sister - and so that's why the two couples are spending Christmas together in the UK this year.

Here's the hilarious video for your festive enjoyment.


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