Everybody be cool. Take a breath. Unpack your bags and change your iPod playlist from Justified on repeat to whatever else you like. Justin Timberlake is NOT - we repeat, NOT - in Cork.

Late last night, Irish Examiner journalist Eoin English tweeted this and pretty much sent most of Irish Twitter into a tailspin. It was hysteria - road-trips were organised, long-dormant fans came out of the woodwork, entertainment websites geared up TimberlakeWatch2014. It was going to be a busy week for us.

Pretty soon, radio stations in the Rebel County were reporting sightings of JT in various parts of the city and parts beyond. It looked like the South was about to rise again. What with Kimye having a little mini-honeymoon or something in Cork just a few short weeks ago, Cork looked like it was set to become the next St. Tropez.

Then, just like that, our hopes and dreams of getting Justin Timberlake to sign our copy of Futuresex/LoveSounds were over. The same journalist posted this, effectively ruining our weekend.


Well, them's the breaks, isn't it? If you're still on a Justin Timberlake buzz, you can head down to Cork and try find that dude. Or not. Whatever, we're not your boss or anything.