And just like that, another one bites the dust in 'slebville: Hilary Swank has parted ways with her longtime boyfriend John Campisi. It's been revealed that the Million Dollar Baby actress and her boyf ended their six-year relationship back in May, although the reason why is still unknown. Nothing out of the ordinary we imagine; these things either go somewhere or they don't. Even when they do go somewhere - 'somewhere' being marriage - celebrity pairings often fail to stand the test of time, with many of them high-tailing it to splitsville.

Swank and Campisi started dating back in 2006 while she was in Italy promoting a film. Despite going strong for five years, after a number of failed relationships (she was previously married to actor Chad Lowe) Swank revealed in 2010 that she was in no rush to get engaged for the second time.

It's always sad when these things don't work out but not to worry Hils, you'll no doubt be kept busy working on your next flick Mary and Martha, directed by Richard Curtis for the BBC. What's more, there's always plenty more fish in the sea.

Who would you most like to see Hilary Swank paired off with?