There've been a few men folk who sparked certain "coming of age" stirrings within as a youngling. John Taylor (my infatuation of which has been earnestly documented), Liam Neeson (has he the "best bahookies from here to Ballinderry?"), Hugh Laurie, Rik Mayall and Nigel Tufnel all made the knees wobble. Yep... Nigel Tufnel *stares wistfully out window*. I fell for Nigel when my sister's now husband brought around a video of Spinal Tap. Our one-sided love affair had a messy ending - when my sister produced a picture of Christopher Guest. The confusion was insurmountable. Still, at least I always had Nigel, perfectly pretty and bewigged in Spinal Tap... It'll come as no surprise that I didn't take the news of their reunion well.

We reported in early February that Spinal Tap are reforming for a tour, which commences in Canada on April 17th., at the time, weren't aware said tour was entitled Unwigged and Unplugged. Yep, nary a wig nor a cucumber will be in sight. Michael McKean, AKA David St Hubbins, confirmed their intentions, saying: "When we were doing the Tap show, it was 90 minutes to 120 minutes of really, really hard work and running up and down the rafters, and we had big special effects, and we played electric instruments, and we had wigs, and we got very sweaty. This is none of that." Booo.

Is it just my inability to move on, or is Big Bottom going to seem largely inappropriate coming out of this creature? Then again, judging by the earth shattering images I've just stumbled across, a wig might only make the proceedings more unseemly. Advance apologies for lumbering this bizarre spectacle upon fellow Tufnel lovers, but the burden must be divvied out. You ready? OK, Lick My Love Pump could be caressed upon piano keys by this... Apparently it Nigel was reborn for some Volkswagon advert in 2006. Suddenly Christopher Guest is looking fairly sharp for his years (as is Harry Shearer [lookit, the runners!]... We're not sure what happened to Michael. I'm guessing it might booze related).