Who saw this happening?!? Indeed, just about everybody.

The girl band - comprising of Emma Bunton, 36, Mel C, 38, Geri Halliwell, 40 and Mel B, 37 - are reportedly set to announce their reunion within weeks, despite Viva Forever being a complete flop, and are thinking about recruiting a new member to take the fashion designer's place in the group so they can continue to make new music and tour. Cue much elbow sharpening from the likes of Atomic Kitten, the newly reformed original Sugababes, the re-rehashed Sugababes, Bewitched *shudders*... and so on. As it happens, Among those rumoured to be in the running to replace Victoria is Heidi Range who is already close friends with Emma. Why, yes, it does hum of 2001 all of a sudden.

A source told the MailOnline: "The girls are going it alone without Victoria (because she has a career). They are keen to get back together and were trying to work out if they could do it as a four-piece. I think they know this is the last chance for them to get the band going again. But the Spice Girls as a foursome is not going to get them another record deal or sell out big venues. They need an extra cherry on the cake. And the cherry on the cake would be if they replaced Victoria. And that leads to the next question: who do they replace her with? At the moment it's all being done in a very cloak-and-dagger way and not through official channels. At the moment they're thinking who, out there, who's been in a another band, could be Victoria. There would be interest in a television series, but I think they're keen on someone with industry experience rather than discovering a new star."

They should have the television series anyway, all of the above wouldn't be adverse to a bit of telly time. Sure Kerry Katona's been known to produce children in front of TV cameras and everything.

When asked to comment on the speculation, a spokesperson for Victoria would only say: "Victoria respects all of the girls and will always support them all personally and professionally." Unless one of them wants to borrow one of her dresses.